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Miranda Cushman

In the Fall of 2018, a five centimeter solid mass suddenly appeared in my right breast. After weeks of multiple testing procedures, I was officially diagnosed with Idiopathic Granuloma Mastitis. I created this site to share my journey of this rare inflammatory breast disease; my daily battles, my treatment and my decision to move forward with a mastectomy. My hope is to bring a sense of familiarity, encouragement and awareness of this rare breast disease.

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For you

To my amazing husband for never wavering during this journey, for doing all the things without complaint; to our two precious boys for seeing the positive in everyday. 

To my amazing medical team for taking the time to listen, research, provide feedback and being open with me on this journey; Dr. S. Nichols, Dr. G. Clifton, Dr. Shim, Dr. M. Salinas, Dr. McAndrews.; J. Smith, R. Emerson the entire Surgical Clinic team, the Mammography Clinic team the countless Nurses, Residents, and support staff. 

To our family; Grandma J, Mom, Dad, Mark, Robert, David & Elizabeth for being supportive of every decision and your help along the way. To Jeremy & Rowan, Jessica, John & Donna, Jeni & Chris, Aunt Caroline and Aunt Linda for sending encouragement and love. 

To my forever friends, Dianna, Grace, Letty, Liz, Omar, Tamara, Veronica and Yessenia  for holding my hand as I cried through needle pokes, frustration and everything in between. To Allen & Terri, Jim & Laurie for being amazing human beings and giving so much to our family! To Ali, Cyndi, Ellie, Erika, Kathy, Kimber, Mariana & Zach for being my work family. 

To my ride or die cousins, Jessica RH.,  Kaitlyn J. and Monica J. for always checking in and using the power of positivity to keep me going. 

To *our* forever friends Desana, Gina, Jaycee, Liza, Lynda, Will,  Bubba & Amanda, Chad & Jess, Derek & Heidi, Diana & Joe, Marcelino & Sonia, Robbie & Abby for pushing us both to keep going and taking it day by day. 

To ALL the amazing women I connected with in social media groups where I found a safe place to vent, ask questions and find resources - hang in there ladies! 

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